Building Automation and Dispatching

The development of modern business inevitably leads to an increase in the number of business meetings, negotiations, seminars and conferences. To competently organize such events, you need a specialized room, where appropriate conference systems are installed. Depending on the goals and scope of the events, it can be like an ordinary meeting room in a modern office equipped with a presentation system, and a large conference hall, where such systems are installed in full.

At present, specialists divide conference systems into 3 types: analogue, digital and wireless, and each of them allows participants of seminars and congresses to freely communicate in different languages, observe the rules of speeches and vote when making decisions. At the same time, users receive support at all stages of the conference, including documenting the results and archiving materials.

Modern conference systems can reduce the loss of time in solving procedural issues, as well as in preparing, conducting and summarizing the various activities. To make the lecture material or the course of the discussion more clear, in Congress systems include the function of video tracking – projecting images onto large screens. Another advantage of these systems is the possibility of using them, both in automatic and in the mode served by the operator.

Автоматизация и ДИспетчеризация

Structurally, conference systems are available in a variety of designs: desktop wired and wireless, desktop with concealed installation, and also installed in the armrests of armchairs. Special flexibility in the creation and configuration of the digital congress system differs, which allow you to combine different equipment depending on the situation. Modern conference systems have an attractive and ergonomic design and can be selected for any room, and built-in conference equipment can be combined with different types of furniture.

When conducting international meetings and negotiations, there is often a need to translate a speaker’s speech into several languages ​​at the same time, and here the simultaneous interpretation system, which is an integral part of the conference system, becomes indispensable. It is based on a multi-channel audio module, one of whose channels is the translation of the speaker’s voice, and the rest channels are used for parallel transmission of the translation of his speech into other languages.

The possibility to organize video conferencing (VCS) within the framework of the conference system allows to hold meetings and negotiations with people located anywhere in the world, having all the advantages of direct live communication. This way of holding conferences significantly saves time and money for long trips of employees. The use of VCS also makes it possible to effectively organize the distance learning process. During a multipoint videoconference, communication is performed between several subscribers, whose images can be viewed on the monitor of the conference system in different windows of the software application.

When building a conference system, participants are divided into chairman and delegates, their seats are equipped with discussion panels with a microphone, loudspeaker and a request for a speech. In addition, the chairman’s console has a priority button. Ingoda in the Congress system is the opportunity to upgrade the delegate’s console to the chairman’s console, which allows chairmen to occupy any place in the conference room.

Many discussion panels have a built-in e-voting function. When programming a conference system, in addition to a simple parliamentary vote, you can add an audience response function, as well as alternative and rating voting. The results are immediately displayed on monitors or text displays in the conference room. During the discussion, the chairman has the opportunity to manage the start, stop and suspension of voting.

For automatic registration of participants of the event, the conference system can be equipped with ID card readers, which are conveniently located at the entrance to the meeting room. Also, with the help of an identification card or PIN, a delegate can access certain system management functions or use a microphone. In addition, participants can register using the button on the microphone consoles. This method is simpler and more convenient, however, the participant identification procedure is not performed here.

The company “TBS” offers the customer conference systems and their installation on objects of any complexity: from premises for small seminars and discussions to full-scale conference rooms, where delegates communicate in different languages. At the same time, the design, installation and commissioning of congress systems will be carried out by the company’s graduates with the highest professionalism and extensive experience in similar projects.